Rules & Regulations

Local Law No. 11 of 2003 on the ESTABLISHMENT of PROTECTED AREAS in the EMIRATE of DUBAI specifies:

Any work, acts, activities or procedures which may destroy or damage wildlife, marine flora and fauna, and affect the aesthetic standard in protected areas, shall be prohibited; particularly the following:

  1. Hunting, transporting, killing or disturbing marine or other wildlife; or undertake any acts which lead to their destruction.
  2. Hunting, removal or transporting of any creatures or organic materials such as mollusks, coral reefs, rocks or soil for any purpose.
  3. Destroying or transporting plants from the protected areas.
  4. Damaging or disfiguring geological or geographical formations of areas considered to be the habitat of animal or plant species or their proliferation.
  5. Introducing non-indigenous species to the protected areas.
  6. Polluting the soil, water or air of the protected area by any means.
  7. Constructing buildings, structures, roads; using motorized vehicles or practicing any agriculture, industrial or commercial activities in the protected areas, or practice any activity, acts or works in areas surrounding the conservation area unless by a permit from the competent authority in accordance with approved conditions and rules

Violators of rules and regulations can be prosecuted under the Local Law No. 11 of 2003, and local order No. 61 of 1991.